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Like moths to a flame, Pisces all have an interest in the spiritual, mystical, even occult, side of life. And, lucky them, they usually have a little psychic twinkle in-built at birth maybe that's where their great empathy emerges from. Your dad will always describe your Pisces pal as "the quirky one". Somehow it's like Pisceans don't really belong in the 21st century world, what with Tinder and FWB situations etc.

They would prefer a more traditional age, being courted and wooed; one where our more base behaviours were perhaps easier hidden away For Pisces, out of sight is out of mind. They love to be in love, and don't like anything which shatters that rosy illusion and feeling. Like Neptune's magician, Pisces can conjure up distractions and illusions around their true opinions, loyalties and even identity.

They go with the flow, they can morph into the crowd. Who the fuck is this person? Their bottomless well of intuition, quick silver imagination and watery nature make them almost like shape shifters. Being the final sign of the zodiac also lends them the traits of the other eleven! Blessed with a natural-born empathy, interest in human nature, creativity and massive imagination, Pisceans are nearly always drawn towards the arts in some way. The double edge of their ability to create new realms is that they can have trouble living in the real world and may create illusions to protect themselves from it.

Pisceans, what with all that insight about human nature and such a sensitive constitution, often turn to escapism, over indulgence and intoxication just to relax and quieten down the vibes throbbing in their psyche. Anything water-related. Being in or near water truly makes them happy: swimming, sailing, fishing, surfing, even just walking on the beach. Neptune rules dance! Pisceans, physically, often have very slinky bodies which seem to slip and glide along. Being witchy. This may manifest as simply binge-watching the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina a lot, or they may actually be the one giving you tarot readings, wafting sage over your bed and advising on crystals.

Drawn to self expression which they alone can control vs having to navigate the rough'n'tumble of conversation!

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Pisceans always have a lot of observations and insights to share, they are poetic and lyrical too. The Part-tay. I mean Rihanna is a Pisces, so you get the picture. Honor the cycles of nature and let these things do as they must. As the universe is pushing you to be brave and engage your creative presence with the world, you may find others wanting to partner with your ability to be detached and innovative in your style. Trust yourself first and then trust that you will attract the right exchanges for your original expression.

Planetary Transitions July whole month : With Mars retrograde in Aquarius until mid-August, there is a lot of energy around the Aquarius Eclipse that needs to be directed inward. You are a sign of compromise, but if you go overboard and detach from your personal passions, everyone loses. As you wake on the 10th, ask yourself these questions: How have I felt pleasure and love within groups and friendships over the past month?

How have those helped me see future possibilities for my life?

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How can I use that to let go of my boundaries in order to release old love patterns that need to go? Venus is your planetary ruler, so a good tracking of where she is will help you know what phase your soul is in. For you, most of July will be about surrendering and letting go of old baggage. Again, tap into stillness in order to see all of the complexity that you need to sort through, and how that can all be organized to bring meaning and purpose to your life.

July 10th: Jupiter has been traveling through Scorpio since October. In your 2nd house of income and self-worth, there have likely been boosts to your income and feelings of potential around how to enjoy life and feel valuable. This psychological work will have been worth it as he will newly move forward with extra empowerment, helping you regain trajectory and opportunity in how you feel of worth and value thorugh the resources of others. This is another theme of slow down.

In your 11th house of groups, quite your mind, movements, and vitality. Create calm inner thoughts and let Mercury revisit, rethink, and reinvestigate why you are interested in the friendships, groups, and collaborations that you are. Allow things to go through some rewiring so that you can really connect to your heart and presence later in August, making sure that this part of your life has the information it needs to be joyful and courageous.

July 1st, Cancer Season: Before diving into the nuances of the season, a major thread needs to be understood for you. That is that both of your planetary rulers, Pluto and Mars, will be in retrograde all month. This means that no matter what new, old, or mundane things occur, you need to keep a step back from it all, observe, and watch your internal wiring.

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There are things deep inside of you that you are needing to revisit and reflect on. Given this, parts of you will want to engage in the releases and new trajectories of eclipse season, but try to give yourself the gift of time and distance before you make any definite plans. Stay neutral for the time being. Your moment to act on all of the shifts will come. Partially as Mars moves direct at the end of August, and partially after Pluto returns to direct after the end of September.

Later in the autumn will be your moment to pull the trigger on things stacking up on the sidelines. Do you feel the presence of a darkest hour? Of the hope and faith that arises from bright stars that you can see in that darkness? For you, Cancer Season illuminates that part of your chart that is about looking to the stars, seeing life from a 10,ft view, and pointing your compass toward the adventures and exploration that will push your boundaries and your growth.

It wants you to charge into things and places unknown to you. For you, this all relates back to the themes of Cancer: home, family, roots, security, nurturing. This summer is primed for doing this kind of work before the north node returns to Cancer and resets new paths and trajectories for you to bravely explore. Surrender and release are the way to transcend what feels exhausting, big, and difficult.

Put some relaxing music on, dive into a beautiful movie, or walk in nature. The cosmos are close by right now and want to whisper inspired messages to you. And although this will bring fresh notes your way in how you expand and explore through your roots and family, it may not be until late autumn when the north node actually moves into Cancer, that you understand where or why this eclipse is reorienting some things in your life. For now, embrace the new starts with the things fading.

A new year cycle is trying to get your attention. July 23rd, Leo Season: A season of sun, of love, of play. Leo currently holds our seed energy in life. The north node gracing this sign has created a reset for each sign in the part of their chart that is holds. For you, this is your 10th house of career and achievement.

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A new year cycle is upon you and that can be exciting, passionate, and selfish all wrapped up into one bundle. The thing is with new starts is you have to try new things and be brave in the face of a lot of failure until you find the right trajectory. Find your resilience and utilize that extra boost of passion you have to keep getting up until you figure out what you are wanting career-wise in your life. July 27th, Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse: Just as the Leo part of your chart is going through fresh bursts of seed energy, the Aquarius part of your chart is coming into ripe fullness.

This can push moves, renovations, family moving out of the nest, etc. These shift can bring elegance to your life but you need to learn how to trust others in this area a little more and allow for greater exchange and giving and receiving in the dance of life.

Planetary Transitions July whole month : Mars is retrograde in Aquarius, as mentioned at the start of you horoscope, and will create some pauses in your life. More specifically, this will affect how you are able to engage with the shifts coming on from the Aquarius lunar eclipse. Look inside of yourself, reflect, process. How can you now use that to find greater value and purpose within groups, friendships, or industries that you are a part of?

July 10th: Jupiter stations direct. There have likely been some big plans at the tip of your agendas since October. You probably felt some traction as well as truths about yourself surfacing through early March, but since then, something has halted, some deep work and excavation has been taking place around your identity, your passions, and what you want in life.

As Jupiter returns to direct, these things are going to take more clear root in your conscious mind. This will help you process as well as start moving forward again with potential grand agendas and passions. July 26th: Mercury stations Retrograde until August 19th. Oh Mercury, right in the thick of eclipse season and other planets in and out of retrograde.

This WILL throw a wrench in things.

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Once again, stay neutral in the midst of all of the chaos swirling about. See just how calm, centered, and strong you can remain as the rest of the world goes a bit nuts. Neutral, remember that word. Cancer is going through the ending phase of a year cycle, a dissolving place of healing and mystical surrender. Look for messages and synchronicity to help you know how to do this.

Find new inspiration around how you want to feel secure and rooted in your life. A new start is on offer around things you are consciously looking for passion in, especially as relates to security, home, and shared resources. A new way to find empowerment through your roots is going to bubble up after a disintegration phase. So what do you want? Connect your mind to your heart and send out your grand and passionate wishes to the universe. Feel it deeply and positively, and then let the beat of your heart push it out to energetic fields to make manifest.

July 23rd, Leo Season: Welcome season of the sun. Did you feel some new, warm energy around how you want to expand into your life last summer? The eclipses over the past year to 18 months have been rebooting your heart, your vitality, your ability to shine, and your playfulness all around foreign interests, philosophical beliefs, enterprising ventures, and publishing or higher education.

The north node is still in this sign through the summer so more starts and fresh, impulsive beginnings will be felt during this season. Pay attention to where they lead you. Be more conscious of the doors opening, and make clear intentions. Feel them in your heart and let them out into the universe. For you, the Aquarius energy of groups, friendships, collaborations, movements, and innovation has to do with community, connection, and belonging in your chart.

With the moon in an eclipse, there may be things in a more subconscious or yin place in your life that need to start exchanging in the world with more compromise and elegance. It can be hard to push into this after many years of having more personal control around your collaborative community, but you are ready for bigger stages, which means your communities will need you to loosen the reigns more in order to enter into a dance of give and take with them. The good news is compromise and exchange bring receiving energy as well. Find a healthy balance. Trust yourself, get clear about how you trust, and then attract the right scenarios to trust through that inner centering.

Planetary Transitions July whole month : Mars is retrograde in Aquarius. This will affect how the Aquarius eclipse plays out for you. Something around your leadership and creative expression is buried inside of you and needs to be reconnected. Take a beat before reacting to any collaborative community projects until the end of August. As you wake on the 10th, ask yourself these questions: How have I found more value and love around my beliefs and visionary aims over the past 3-weeks?

How can I use this to cultivate more value and purpose in my career and aspirations? Have you been exhausted since the autumn? Especially since March? Jupiter is your chart ruler, the planet that rules your sign, Sagittarius. It takes him 12 years to take a full tour of the zodiac, spending approximately 1 year in each sign.

As he rests his weary travelling feet in your 12th house of Scorpio, you are reviewing the past 12 years of soul work. He is pulling all of the accumulated clutter out of your closets and assessing the wounds and baggage that need releasing. It can feel big, complex, too hard to face. You may have no choice but to surrender to something bigger. In Scorpio, this all has to do with shadow work around power, control, sex, psychological work, and shared resources.

For now, listen to the messages the universe has to offer. You may have sudden insights, synchronicity, and messages to share or direct you. As you allow the cosmic spaces to tune into your energies, you will need more rest, but soon, a new year reset at a cellular level will arrive on your doorstep. It truly is a month of starts, stops, confusion, and chaos.

You may have been too impulsive in a few things related to beliefs, expansions, and platforms. Take some time to look under the hood of your heart to make sure you are aligned with what you truly want and what you are acting on in these things. July 1st, Cancer Season: Of all of the signs, you are really going through some epic shifts, dear Capricorn. Your ruler, Saturn, is in retrograde until September 6th. As you started the year you likely felt tectonic shifts coming on, but something was missed or lost. Your planet decided it needed to retrace some steps once he hit April in order to see the piece of the puzzle that was blocking him from helping you charge into the new territory you were starting to feel excited about.

Keep going inward. Keep looking at yourself and your life with reflective and restructuring eyes. Clear out those internal blocks and clutter that are preventing you from feeing personal desire, passion, and centering. Once we hit Autumn equinox, the fresh trajectory, the grand new year reset that Saturn's move to your home sign brought, will be cleared for take-off. Until then, try to loosen your need for so much structure. Find more flow and compassionate cosmic support. This Cancer Season brings up a big dose of endings and beginnings. For you, this season rules over your relationships.

There is a nurturing quality to how you relate with others, a need to protect and care for your relationships in tender ways. The nurturing compromises you make and exchanges of security and protection are likely going through some disintegrating episodes. You see, Cancer is finishing out a year cycle as the north node eclipses are readying to revive this part of your chart, but you have collected a lot of baggage here that needs to be released. July 12th, Cancer New Moon Eclipse: We come to a reset at this eclipse, a new initiation into a fresh year cycle. It is very likely that your relationships are going to shift.

Some will need to be eliminated and some will need to pivot with epic shifts in perspective in order to get your needs and passions met. If you find yourself in a position where you are newly dating or courting business partners, or other kinds of relationships, know that you will likely go through many starts and stops as you figure out what it is you want.

July 23rd, Leo Season: The season of love is upon us. This year same as last it will be riddled with lots of shifts and changes. With the north node in Leo, we are still going through some big refreshes around our creativity and style of shining. Removing anything blocking your life-force is pertinent as you reboot your sense of heart, love, and joy. Try communicating with your heart each morning or night in meditation.

Ask it what it wants, how it wants to be seen, what needs to be uprooted in order for it to feel empowered and in control of its destiny. Get to work clearing any clutter so that sparks of revived passion and brightness can be shared with intimate exuberance. July 27th, Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse: This eclipse is a lunar one on the south node, a point that is pushing ripened energy out into the world for greater exchange.

This part of your chart wants to dance with others right now but a lot of new trust must be found as you release some personal control and allow for greater compromise. The exciting part of learning to compromise with others is you open up to receiving the ripeness that others are now offering.

For you, this holds your 2nd house of self-worth, value, and the simple pleasures of your earthy 5 senses. Aquarius has to do with groups, collaboration, friendship, and being aloof in order to be progressive and innovative. How does your sense of the material, of value and personal worth plug into what you creatively contribute to the world? How are these in unison in how you are currently feeling greater world presence? The things that made the cut and are moving into the world also have to pivot, which can bring both panic and wonder.

For you, this will bring up some internal work that needs tending to at the Aquarius eclipse. You may need to clear some clutter in your mind and body in order to push into the shifts with assertive clarity. July 10th: Venus moves to Virgo late the night of the 9th. As you wake on the 10th ask yourself these questions: How have I found greater value and joy in my deep sharing over the past 3-weeks? How can I now use that to refine how I find pleasure and joy in my visionary aim? July 10th: Jupiter stations direct after a 4-month retrograde in the excavating sign of Scorpio.

For you, this has pushed you to do a lot of internal work to uproot truths hidden below your surface around how you use control or power in group dynamics, how you find empowerment in collaborations, and how you attract powerful friendships. What comes up to your surface after this date may surprise you, and more work is needed in order to expand into your psychological, powerful, or intimate entanglements with groups—but on a more conscious level than the past 4 months.

This will continue until early November. In Leo, this is indicating that you need to do some reviewing, rethinking, and rewiring around how you share your vital and joyous resources with others. A lot of heart work may come up as you see into the darkness of stuck mentalities around love entangled with power and control. Go deep, uproot, and transform those stuck mindsets that want to be set free.

That want to love in a more empowered and deeply, but healthily vulnerable, way. July 1st, Cancer Season: Can you feel a new phase starting in your life, Aquarius?

Star signs dates and symbols for each zodiac sign

Especially around how you connect and communicate. Positive and assertive ideas have likely bubbled through your life for quite some time. In the earliest degrees of Taurus is hard to see where this is taking you other than feeling a need to slow it down and find greater pleasure and value in life, especially around your family, roots, and home. A need to own things may come on more strongly. Allow all of the shifts to tell you what you need to know in order to move forward more sure footedly down the line.

In Cancer Season until later in the month, your connection to nurturing, emotions, and roots will express itself through your work life and your daily processes or purposes. It seems something is coming to an end here. Then, connect with home and family more deeply this weekend. Put on the crown, Scorpio! Pisces season is bringing out your inner queen.

Let confidence, creativity, and joy shine from your heart. This weekend could inspire a tough talk—be honest, compassionate, specific, and brave. Happy homecoming, Sagittarius! Pisces season helps you find the context of home. The full moon lights up your career on Tuesday!

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  • Think about your finances this weekend by getting a head start on bills. Speak up, Capricorn. Pisces season helps you find the words to say what you need to say. The weekend has you getting real with yourself about romance—trust what comes up for you! Let it rain, Aquarius. Pisces season has your finances flowing, so be grateful and enjoy the abundance all month long. The full moon is tantric, so pursue your sexual desires and enjoy the intimacy.

    This weekend, think about forgiveness and accountability if you need healing in the romance department.